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Cross Border Xpress (CBX)

Planning A Trip to Mexico? Try the Quick and Easy CBX Cross Border Xpress.

Planning a trip to Mexico? Try the quick and easy CBX Cross Border Xpress. CBX is an enclosed pedestrian bridge exclusive for Tijuana International Airport passengers crossing the U.S./Mexico border. Spanning 390 feet, the CBX skywalk is the first ever to connect a facility in the U.S. directly into a foreign airport terminal. Passengers check in on the U.S. side of the U.S. — Mexico border, walk the pedestrian/passenger bridge across the border, clear Mexican immigration and customs, and catch their flights at the Tijuana International Airport. 

Passengers arriving in Tijuana are equally able to cross the pedestrian/passenger bridge into the Otay Mesa passenger terminal, clear U.S. passport controls and U.S. Customs, and exit on the U.S. side. You will find Starbucks and a food truck patio at the terminal. Parking, shuttles, Uber, Lyft, taxis and car rental are all available as well.



Located in Chula Vista

2745 Otay Pacific Dr.
San Diego, CA 92154

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Located in South County

, CA

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