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High Flying Fun at “iFly Indoor Skydiving” in Oceanside

Published by Terri Graham

ifly oceanside indoor skydiving

High Flying Fun

Written by Cynthia Lamont

I wanted to give my 13 year old grandson, Gavin, something for his birthday that would be really different, memorable and exciting.

He’s had many great birthday parties, the likes of inflatable slides, pizza and video game parlors, trampolines and laser tag, just to name a few.

Well, I found it! “iFly” in Oceanside…indoor skydivng.

When I stepped in this beautiful, ultra-modern building two people were suspended in air in a huge 57-foot vertical clear tunnel, I let out a big “WOW! This is it. Mission accomplished!”

I met my family there later in the week after making reservations. Brooke, one of the managers, Luke, an instructor, and Becca greeted us with enthusiasim making us feel welcome.

Becca took my grandson and his parents aside to see an instructional video. They then suited up in jumpsuits and helmets and received another overview of what to expect. Not to worry, the instructors are by your side for first-timers.

Grandson Gavin went in first. His face had a look of surprise as he spun around and then went up with his instructor in tow. Seconds later, he gave me a big grin and a “thumbs up” as I was taking pictures with my iphone.

Then came my son and his wife…similar response: big grins. They all loved it, just like skydiving, but without jumping out of a plane! (More advanced skydivers and members of the military do practice manuevers here.)

Gavin said it would be awesome if he could have his next birthday party here. That way he could share the fun and the thrills with his buddies.

I can’t say enough about the very professional and personable staff. They made us all feel very comfortable and made the experience very memorable and super fun! Visit their website: They cater to all ages from 3 to 103!

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