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Ramona Airport

Serving every type of aircraft from home-built experimentals to corporate jets

The Ramona Airport is home to a fully staffed air traffic control tower, three full-service FBOs, an avionics center, an aircraft service center, nine aviation businesses, a full-time airport manager and the world’s only helicopter museum with operational helicopters.

The Ramona Airport is also the Air Attack Base and is located in the CAL FIRE San Diego Unit and was established in 1957 by the then California Division of Forestry, making it the oldest Air Attack Base in the Department’s system. In 1960, the US Forest Service set up and operated from Ramona, separate from CDF, until 1966 when the agencies integrated and Ramona became a jointly operated base.

Ramona responds to an average of 450 calls per year. On average, the base pumps 850,000 gallons of retardant a year. Ramona has a possible peak output of 250,000 gallons of retardant each day. The base’s direct protection area encompasses over 1.4 million acres for CAL FIRE, 300,000 for the US Forest Service, and covers all of San Diego County.

Uncomplicated airspace, available services, ideal climate and proximity to North County business and recreation centers make Ramona Airport an ideal destination for work or pleasure.

If you are familiar with the sport of drag racing, it will interest you to know that the very first, official 1/4-mile drag strip was opened at the Ramona Airport nearly 60 years ago.  Now just an airport service road, remnants of the old strip still remain.

The airport also hosts the popular Ramona Air Fair every June.


Located in Ramona

2926 Montecito Road
Ramona, CA 92065
(760) 788-3366
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