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Jerome’s Furniture

San Diego’s Premier Furniture Stores Proudly Treating Customers Llke Family For Over 60 Years.

When the Navarra family opened their first furniture store 65 years ago, they wanted everyone to feel welcome. They wanted the best for every family: the best prices, the best selection, and the best shopping experience. And, while a lot has changed since 1954, treating their customers like family never has, and never will change. That’s the Jerome’s difference.


Located in Otay Ranch

775 Plaza Court
Chula Vista, CA 91910
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Located in Mission Bay / Mission Beach / Pacific Beach

1190 W Morena Blvd San Diego CA 92110
San Diego, CA 858-924-1871
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Located in San Marcos

780 Los Vallecitos Blvd
San Marcos, CA 858-924-1872
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Located in Chula Vista

775 Plaza Court
Chula Vista, CA 858-924-1873
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Located in El Cajon

333 N Johnson Ave
El Cajon , CA 858-924-1874
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Located in Poway / Carmel Mountain

10724 Treena St
San Diego, CA 858-924-1875
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Located in Rancho Bernardo

16960 Mesamint St
San Diego, CA 866-633-4094
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Located in Downtown San Diego

1071 Market St
San Diego, CA 858-924-1785
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Located in Solana Beach

663 San Rodolfo Drive #106
Solana Beach, CA 858-924-1787
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Located in Mission Valley

8440 Rio San Diego Drive #101
San Diego, CA 858-924-1786
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Located in Temecula

26480 Ynez Road Unit A
Temecula, CA 858-924-1788
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Located in East County

9836 Mission Gorge Rd Ste F
Santee, CA 858-924-1795
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