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The Ramona community plan area consists of approximately 84,000 acres situated east of the city of Poway and north of Lakeside. To the east lie the North Mountain and Central Mountain subregions.

Known as the Valley of the Sun and the Heart of San Diego County, Ramona is approximately thirty six miles from San Diego, but a true world away. The hustle and bustle of the "big city" gives way as soon as you make your way onto Main Street and, somehow, you know you are about to have at least one foot in history.

Home to both large-scale and family-owned boutique winery operations, this charming town places an emphas on experimentation by passionate winemakers growing a wide selection of varietals. All feature beautiful tasting rooms open on weekends and many offer spectacular views from hilltop settings. Spend a relaxing afternoon learning about handcrafted reds, whites and ros├ęs and leave with a barrel full of memories!