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Lions Tigers and Bears

An Amazing Rescue Facility Dedicated to Providing A Safe Haven For Unwanted and Abused Big Cats and Other Exotic Animals.

Learn about the lives of 60-plus rescued animals that live at Lions Tigers & Bears, San Diego’s only accredited big cat and exotic animal rescue sanctuary. On guided educational visits, guests get an introduction to each rescued animal, like Tabu the beautiful tiger, or Meatball, a rescued California black bear; brother “moon” bears Teddy and Baloo; Tuffy the long-legged serval and the rest of the motley animal crew, while learning about the burgeoning issue that is the exotic animal trade. Children and adults alike can learn the difference between wild and domestic animals at the sanctuary’s “Animal Encounters,” while enjoying a hands-on educational experience with rescued goats, horses, pigs, llamas and more. Arrange a visit by becoming a “Member For a Day” today.  Extend your visit by booking a private overnight safari at the luxurious White Oak Wild Nights Mountain Retreat.

How Can You Help?

Lions Tigers & Bears is a grassroots, mostly volunteer organization, and they rely on the donations of members and local supporters for their annual budget – most of which goes to the animals. Animal care, administrative functions, and fundraising are done mostly by a dedicated group of over 100 volunteers. And they need your help! There are many ways you can help Lions Tigers & Bears to provide a high level of care for all the rescued cats and other animals. The most effective way to help is to become a member or Donate.


Center map

Located in Alpine

24402 Martin Way
Alpine, CA 91901
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Hours of Operation:

For All Visits, Advance Scheduling is Required.

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